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Ski/Snowboard 101: Magic on the Mountain with Kids

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Getting your kiddos into snowboarding can be a thrilling journey, full of laughter, excitement, and precious moments. After decades of helping parents nurture their little shredders, BoardXtreme is here with top tips to ensure your kid’s journey is packed full of joy and fuelled with a lifelong passion for the sport.

Here are five critical steps to get started:

  1. Fill it with fun!

  2. Cozy indoor start, exciting outdoor finish.

  3. Bundle up for warmth.

  4. Bank on professional lessons.

  5. Foster their growth journey.

Dive into these steps at your leisure, and pick out what aligns with your family's vibe. Don’t forget, safety is a priority - supervise your little ones, teach them about emergencies, and helmets are a must.

A Fun-filled Journey

Snowboarding is pure fun, so remember to enjoy every moment. First impressions last a lifetime, so a child’s initial interaction with the sport can make or break their interest. Balance challenges with comfort zones, let your child lead their own discovery, and make every mountain trip synonymous with fun.

How? Engage them in prepping their gear, celebrate the sight of the mountain, be patient during the gearing up process, keep the fun rolling with hill games, ensure regular breaks, and treat them to cocoa or their favorite snack. Show authentic joy, actively listen to your child’s thoughts, and focus on the fun side, even if it was just the hilarious waddle back to the car.

Warmth = Joy

A cold, wet child is a miserable child. So, keep them toasty and comfortable with proper clothing, handwarmers, and by keeping an eye on the weather forecast. Carry a bag with extra clothes, snacks, tissues, and everything else needed to adapt to changing conditions. Remember, regular breaks are crucial to keep them energized and happy.

Invest in Pro: Coaching

Investing in professional snowboarding lessons can really give your kid a headstart. Instructors not only impart the right techniques but also increase the retention of learning. Plus, they give you a break and allow your kid to make new friends. After class, you'll likely find your child eager to show off their new moves!

Cultivate Their Progress

During the first few days on the mountain, let your child explore at their own pace, without formal lessons. When they’re hooked, continue inspiring them and providing the tools they need to progress. This includes respecting their trail choices, riding together often, showing them the possibilities, and updating gear as they grow.

Above all, teaching kids to snowboard calls for creativity, patience, and a boatload of fun. Try different strategies, see what resonates with your child, and enjoy the journey. Remember, there will be days where you might not even reach the slopes, and that's perfectly okay. There's always another chance. Persistence is key and soon you'll hear those delightful words: "Can I do one more run?!"



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