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Imagine your child's excitement, swishing down snowy slopes, with the sun sparkling on the white canvas. Our small group sizes ensure personal guidance, molding beginners into confident skiers. And for parents? Join the journey and share these magical moments with convenient bus rides, turning travel into a part of the adventure.

Step into a winter wonderland with
BoardXtreme Winter Camp! 🎿⭐🏂🎉


​Our Strength

At BoardXtreme, our strength lies in the dedicated and seasoned team of professionals who bring a rich blend of expertise, passion, and dedication to the slopes every day

Diverse Age Groups

Catering to a broad age range, from young children to teenagers, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive skiing experience for all.

Guaranteed Learning

Each camper is guaranteed to improve their skiing skills, with tailored instruction to suit different learning paces and styles.

Convenient Bus Pick-Up

Offering bus pick-up from multiple versatile locations, ensuring easy and hassle-free transportation for parents and children alike.

Optimized Instructor-to-Camper Ratio

Tailored ratios starting from 1:3 for beginners, guaranteeing personal attention and progress in skiing skills.

Professional and Caring Staff Team

Experienced coaches and teachers from Ontario make up our staff, ensuring a high standard of coaching and care.

Safety First

The safety of our students is our top priority. We ensure that all our learners are equipped with safety knowledge, and our staff follows stringent safety protocols.

Camp Booking

Enrol into a winter camp with BoardX

Please complete the form to enrol into a ski/snowboard camp with us.

Enrol into a camp with BoardX

To enroll into a camp, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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